Life Lately No. 20

Wow so much can happen in a month. I traveled to my hometown for three weeks and visited New Orleans for the first time. I love NOLA! HEALING We hit a plateau in therapy and treatment. My PTSD symptoms have subsided, depression lifted, and anxiety is manageable. Right around now is when most people quick […]

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008: How to Find Your Purpose PART 1

The Stacey Flowers Podcast

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”  ― Myles Munroe QUESTION: Stacey, how do I find my purpose ANSWER: This is a big question but I’ve found that answering a few questions honestly will point you in the right direction to uncovering purpose. Your purpose is already in you, but […]

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13 Things You Do Because You Don’t Realize You’re Unhappy

Dealing with unhappiness is tough enough, but what’s even worse is when you’re unhappy and you don’t even know it. Many have never acknowledged or even considered that they’re unhappiness is creating habits, attitudes, and consequences in their life.   In this video I’ll talk about 13 things you don’t realize you do because you’re unhappy. […]

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