001: LESSONS Learned As I Approach 33

The Stacey Flowers Podcast

Walking into my Christ conscious year with so much excitement. Jesus Christ came into the fullness of his ministry at 33 years old and I’m eager to make the same great strides. Today, I discussed the lessons learned as I approach my 33 birthday.

Most of these lessons surfaced at the tail end of a successful streak. You see I started the year of 2016 delivering a TED TALK. Mid-year I struggled through a significant transition. Over the holidays I hosted my family until finally I stumbled and fail hard.

What I’ve learned as I approach 33 is: 1. There’s a difference between being original and being authentic 2. Succeeding in something that’s not for you isn’t winning. 3. There’s a difference between people helping me versus helping themselves. Listen, subscribe and remember to rate my podcast on iTunes.


  • 02:56 – Reflections on my 2016 year
  • 06:06 – The difference between being original vs. authentic
  • 17:10 – Succeeding in something that is not for you isn’t winning
  • 26:36 – There is a difference between people helping me and helping themselves

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