002: Eleven Things I Am Afraid to Tell You

The Stacey Flowers Podcast

Today’s podcast is emotional and transparent. I dive deep into the things I’ve been afraid to share with you.


For almost all of my life, I believed the lie that I’m a private person. The truth is I’m an open book. Mostly on stage, rarely on social, and never consistently. The real reason I “wanted” to be a private person is that I am deeply afraid of being misunderstood. Trouble is my platform, passion, and purpose is very much public. So today I’d like to uproot this lie from my self-image. I’ve talked about each of these fears before in some place at some time but never together. I’m doing it because I just want to live beyond lies and limiting beliefs. So without further ado here are the eleven things I’ve been afraid to tell you.


02:52 – love God more than anything

06:11 – I love Beyoncé

14:45 – I’ve read A course in miracles, conversation with God, and many other theological metaphysical teachings that 1. Have opened my life to more than most 2. Do not negate my love of Jesus and devotion to the King

19:12 – I do not believe mental illness is an attack of the enemy

27:15 – I drink wine (I love wine and one day hope to own a vineyard)

29:35 – I was hospitalized twice for thoughts of suicide

33:00 – Most days I don’t feel like a good mom

42:50 – I’m an extrovert/introvert

44:36 – I thought I had super powers

48:50 – I believe happiness will change the world

55:05 – I am not a feminist

This episode is so good. I poured my whole heart into and I hope you love getting to know the real me. Enjoy, rate and review on iTunes. 

Special thanks to The Goal Digger podcasts for inspiring the title of this post.

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