4 Common Myths About Going to Therapy Debunked

Many of you know I experienced nervous exhaustion at the top of the year. I fell into a deep depression, paralyzing anxiety, and severe PTSD responses. I am better now and a lot of that has to do with asking for help from the right people.

It’s never been more important in the history of mankind than it is right now to be intentional about asking for help from the the right people. Online everyone’s an expert, guru, coach, sage, pastor, etc. Your friends, pastors, parents, siblings, mentors, and friends are all experts on your problems. The trouble is not everyone online or in your life is a professional.

It takes a strong person to ask for help from the right person.

Seeking a health professional is an investment in quality self-care. The mind is critical to the body’s wealth. The mind regulates your organs, blinks your eyes, and most importantly prioritizes the people and things you let in and out of your life.

When your brain is blocked and your mind is clogged it’s time to ask for help. However many people skip therapy and pick up a book, life coach, or friends ear but the above resources are not mental health practitioners. Digging into issues with a professional protects you from more harm, deeper trauma, and unnecessary pain.

Here are 4 Common Myths About Going to Therapy Debunked

I can’t afford therapy.

Yes, therapy costs. But if we are being honest we have the money for therapy we just don’t want to spend the money on therapy. Also most good therapist will provide have something called a sliding scale. Which means if you tell your therapist what you can afford, most good therapist will work with you to get treatment.

I’m ashamed and I should be grateful for my life.

Nothing has to be wrong for you to go to therapy. The common myth is that you must be crazy if you need to go to therapy. The truth is: life is can be difficult. No matter your race, socioeconomic status, or gender. Life hits everyone indiscriminately. Therapy is a self-care technique that helps you to live a better life.

I don’t believe in therapy.

You don’t have to believe in therapy to benefit from it. Let me ask you. Do you believe that expressing yourself, reflecting on your experiences, and getting good advice is beneficial to your life? If you answered yes to any of those questions, than you my friend believe in the therapeutic process you just don’t believe in getting quality care for your brain, emotions, and mind. Be open to changing that philosophy.

I went to therapy before and it didn’t work.

Your experience with one therapist is not inclusive of all experiences that you could possibly have with all therapist. My first two therapists misdiagnosed me. I was on several different medications and my life pretty much sucked. But that didn’t mean therapy didn’t work. It just meant that two therapist got it wrong. Truth is friend a good therapist is like a good man. You have to set standards, look around, and only enter into a relationship with one that feels right for you.

My hope in sharing my mental health journey, and dispelling myths to getting a therapy encourages you to seek help from a professional the next time life get difficult.

BONUS: I recently did an interview with a therapist about my therapy journey. We dive deep into treatment, self-care, maintenance the whole ball of wax. Listen and leave a review.

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How to Find a Good Therapist.

In the video below you can follow me to a therapy session. Stay tuned to the very end because I walk you through step by step how to find a good therapist.

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