6 Weeks NO Income


You’ve been looking for a#NoMoreStudentLoanDebt post and you haven’t seen one because I haven’t had an income for 6 weeks.

For six weeks I’ve lived on a pre-determined budget that ran out somewhere in week 3 (yes, I totally underestimated what I would need while traveling + speaking through my busy season).

I’m not complaining. I’m sharing.

Here’s a list of questions + issues that came up during these no income weeks. At the very bottom I share 3 nuggets of wisdom I’ve gained from my “no income” experience.

Spoiler Alert: I had no income for 6 weeks. But I budgeted + hustled so a few lovely checks are headed my way via snail mail #Imgrateful


: was it irresponsible to dump my entire savings on this debt, that apparently is NEVER GOING AWAY?!?!?!

: am I a bad mom?

: did I really just eat two helpings of food from this FREE lunch?

: a pack of tuna and crackers for dinner…again…ugh?

: is this stupid stupid quest even possible?


: OPERATOR: your cell phone bill is due today. ME: can I get an extension? OPERATOR: No. ME: Okay, here’s the payment (no dinner for 3 days).

: I’m allergic to detergent on the sheets were I’m being accommodated for 3 weeks. Cost to wash sheets $5. Cost to get treatment for allergic reaction to sheets $140. I paid $140 because I didn’t know the sheets were the source of my pain. The last week of my stay, I slept in my clothes and ate fruit for dinner. Why? Because I used my food + transportation budget to heal my skin.

: haircut or food? I went with food
haircut or transportation? I went with transportation. I looked like a chia pet. No haircut for 5 weeks.

: Him: “Hey, I miss you.” Me: “what?” Him: “I miss you.” Me: What do you want me to say…I’m working.” Read: NOT attractive and definitely not healthy for Him or my relationship. But the stress of skin irritation, not eating properly, + chia pet hair turned me into the worse kind of woman: an irritated woman.

There were a few more issues + questions but I do not want to take you to a dark place with this post.

What I really want you to know is… there are going to be bad days, dips, + setbacks on the way to attaining your goals.

One of the 10 Commandments of HAPPINESS that I created for one of my coaching clients says:

Thou shall…

Be HAPPY with what you have while HUSTLING for what you want.

What this means is sometimes the the “right” road is going to suck! But it’s up to you to choose the attitude you’re going to have about what you will experience.

(But let’s not get sidetrack with the 10 Commandments of Happiness I’ll have those for you in a couple of days over on my blog:www.staceyflowers.com/blog)

With out further ado…

Here are the 3 nuggets
of wisdom I gained from not having an income for 6 weeks…

: everything that is happening to me financially is my choice. I chose to go on this quest to pay off my student loan debt in one year or less.

If at anytime the outcomes or consequences of my choice become too much, I have the freedom to choose again. Realizing that I am being held to my own choice helped me to straighten out my attitude. Shifting my attitude changed my perspective. Changing my perspective eventually changed my experience.

: no income is an unattractive + terribly uncomfortable place for me. Which means everyday I will do 3 things…

1. Something that spreads happiness
2. Something that generates money
3. Something that represents the Kingdom

Why? Because the only way I can prevent going through a season of no income is if I use my God given talents to teach people how to live happy, so I can access the money that has been stored up in the Kingdom for me. It’s the only way.

: I AM an ambitious optimist, who finds majesty in the creation of this world + the universe, a bonifide happy Kingdom woman who has her heart set on improving the world one thought at a time. This is the core of who I am unshakable + unpenatrable.

You know how I know this is my core? It’s because this is what came out of me in this challenging “no income” season.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says it this way… When you squeeze and orange. What comes out? Orange juice. Why? Because that what’s inside the orange, it’s juice, it’s essence.

When it comes to me and you? When life squeezes us and we don’t earn any money for 6 weeks or more. What comes out? Ambitious optimism or Angry curse words.

When I look back over my no income weeks, overall I am grateful because this season helped me to more deeply understand my passion, power, and purpose.

I’m grateful. Once I receive my checks in the mail I will keep going!!!

Yeeeeahh!!! #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt

If you know of an anyone who could benefit from learning how to set and achieve ambitious goals or learning how to elevate their business + life one happy thought at a time or currently in a season of no income don’t keep this quest a secret.

Share it with your friends

Let’s spread more happiness + #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt

Thanks for reading…


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