Another Stream of Income!!!! 

Last night I made $75.00 from an unexpected business opportunity.

Focusing on paying off my student loan debt has brought many opportunities to earn income.

Here is my payment breakdown:

Income: $75.00
Tithe: $7.50 (10%)
Taxes: $22.50 (30%)
Student Loan Payment: $45.00

(I typically set aside 20% for savings and investing but I stopped ALL savings for this year to eliminate my debt)

Earlier in the week a wonderful lady asked me to prepare a few meals for her, I immediately said yes. I suggested $75 bucks for two weeks worth of meals and an additional $25 if I do the grocery shopping.

She originally wanted a speciality 21-day raw food meal prep. But we quickly discovered you can’t really prep for raw food because all your fruits and veggies need to be cut the same day. So we tried a 21-day vegan diet but my client wanted to stay away from process foods. Finally I suggested we shoot for healthy foods and portion control. I sensed an unspoken desire to eat food that supported weight loss, so I downloaded Estelle Archer’s $2 meal-prep ebook.

Although I didn’t prepare anything from Estelle’s book it was important to understand portions, lean meats, cutting sugars and salts. Her little book was so helpful.

My client had so much good green food in her fridge that I quickly realized her problem wasn’t that she needed a special diet, she simply needed to make her food snackable.

In total I spent about six hours preparing 60 meals. My client plans to eat every three hours so these meals include delicious snacks.

This income source makes me super happy because I really enjoyed cooking and this service is an easy way for me to help her eat healthy so she can Live Happy (also known as alignment with my purpose)

Your probably wondering why I am tithing on this small amount. Well because I am Kingdom and as a citizen, I tithe 10% of all that I earn.

You may also be wondering why I am setting aside taxes for such a small amount.

Well a few reasons:

1. I fully intend to pay 152k off in 12 months which means, the IRS is going to be on me, like white on rice during next year’s tax season. I predict I’ll make between $175,000-$200,000 this year, so my tax bracket is going to be 30%. I understand by paying my student loan debt I’ll get a $2,500 maximum adjustment for paying this debt in full. Which means no matter what my tax bracket is 30%.

2. But Stacey just accept the money under the table 😁 1. That’s lying. I’m a parent and I don’t want my kids lying to me so I shouldn’t lie, no matter what. BTW you CAN NOT pay 152k under the table, Cesar will know. Bottom line I want to be a good steward of money. If I am willing to hold my tithe and evade my taxes while I pay down my debt then this doesn’t make me a good steward it makes me a crook.

3. Lastly, if I don’t set aside my taxes then I am declaring that I’m not really serious about paying off 152k. The good book says if you can be faithful over a little I will bless you with more. This means if I can’t pay tithes and taxes on $75 dollars I will NOT pay tithes and taxes on $750, $7500, or $75,000. By paying my tithes and taxes I am anticipating earning more. I and setting up the expectation that more is coming. I am acting as though it is, until it becomes, and SO IT IS!!

The thing is when you decide to do something, you have to put forth the effort to make sure all your actions are in alignment.

Be willing to do whatever it takes but also do it the righteously.

What say yea? Do you know anyone in the Omaha area who needs a few meals prepared? *yes this is my shameless plug😝*


*edited my math was wrong 🙈

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