I Booked a Flight to Africa!

I booked a flight to Rwanda, Africa  and paid off over $2300 in DEBT, so far this month.

Everything about that sentence blows my entire mind because at no other time in my life would I have been able to pay cash for a flight to Africa… I mean it’s AFRICA!!!! Pay all my bills on time (in-full) annnnnd continue to reach my debt demolishing goals.

All this because I made the decision to manage money God’s way.

Which simply means every single month instead of wondering where my money went, I tell my money where to go via my zero-based, handwritten‪ Dave Ramsey‬ budget!!!!

Money go pay my Tithes.

Money go pay my Four Walls.

Money go pay my Debts.

Money go pay my Travel expenses!‪ … In that order‬.

And just like that I’m preparing to spread HAPPINESS all over Rwanda, Africa.



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