A Day in the Life Running a Business (While Ill)

I get a lot of questions about what happened when I got sick and what I do on a day-to-day basis.

I’m happy to share.

My day typically starts at

11ish AM: When I’m aware that I’m thinking I say “God okay, I’m here thank you for today” in my head and take a deep breath.

I roll over on my phone, iPad, laptop and open up every application I had running the night before. I scroll through youtube and search for a worship song. I look at my phone to check the time. I open up my iPad to read something, anything from my kindle. I’m doing this to see if my concentration and thinking skills are working at any level.

11:30 AM: I’m comprehending what I just read at maybe a 5 on a scale of 1-10 and I celebrate because this is a major blessing to me. I love to think and whenever I’m sick that seems to be the first thing to go.

12:00 PM: I prepare breakfast 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 fried eggs, drink a cocktail of apple cider vinegar, and drink 8 ounces of water.

12:30 PM: I go to my laptop, open up WordPress and type. I write as much as I can which ends up being about 800 -1000 words.

While I’m typing I also have Netflix running in the background on my iPad for noise. I know I should turn it off to focus but when I sit in the quiet my thoughts overwhelm me, I get anxious and I go to sleep. So Netflix and writing.

I avoid all emails because email makes me anxious. Thank God for my assistant who gives my business guests and friends a response without her no one would have heard from me for a while. My inbox gave me stress before but with my feelings on edge, it’s magnified a lot.

All social media has been deleted from my phone because

  • I didn’t want to become addicted to the dopamine drip of a like or follow.
  • One of my business core values is integrity. Right now I can’t think much less engage and because I hadn’t planned ahead I’ve taken a break from social media because any sharing would be tainted by my personal pain. I believe when I speak over other people’s lives I should be healthy. I don’t have to live everything I say at the exact moment I say it because not everything is done in real time but I do have to honor the responsibility that comes with my gifts. So I don’t post socially in this state.
  • I couldn’t think through a full thought which made being witty in 140 characters insurmountable.

I review material from my coaching programs because I have amazing coaches who help make my business better. I’m focused on really getting to know my avatar, developing my sites, creating content, and revamping my revenue model.

If I’m being perfectly honest I’m still in my bed. I have my notebook near me and so I jot down all my ideas for business development and 2017 changes. I’m focused on creating passive income streams. I’ve understood passive income for a while and now I’m applying all of my energy to creating passive income streams. This is the biggest shift I’m making in my business this year.

Sidenote: I’ve watched every season of Criminal Minds, Ally McBeal, Legends, The 100 and the Blacklist. I’m not really a TV person but again to avoid my unhealthy thoughts I allow the plots of these shows to take me to another place. I get up and I prepare something for dinner.

7ish PM: Do homework with my son. Our focus isn’t improving his grades so much as it’s about creating good study habits. Yes I know one will take care of the other but he’s a teenager so I pick my battles.

8:00 PM: I read for 10 or so minutes because that’s all my brain will tolerate. I am so frustrated by this because I adore reading and I usually read two or three books a week. But I take what I can get.

8:10 PM: I try to check my email but the subject lines make me want to vomit so I open my grid journal app and answer these 8 questions: What the 3 things you are grateful for? What works have I done today? What did I do to change this world? Did I express love to my family? Did I sleep/dream well today? What foods did I eat today? How about my mental status of today? How about any disassociation today?

Netflix is still playing in the background.

10:00 PM I start my nighttime routine.

1:00 AM I’m still awake.

2:00 AM I can’t sleep I’m too wired.

3:00 AM I try to count sheep.

4:30 AM I finally begin to drift off to sleep.

Disclaimer: I would not recommend this late start, binge watching, early morning regime for anyone. I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know a truth about sickness whether physical or mental that is it interrupts your life and productivity. As it should because it’s an indicator that something is off. This is a peek of a much better day while healing from anxiety and depression. There are many other days that were worse than this day.

I shared a day in the life (running a business) while ill so you can get a peek inside to see how I function at a lower frequency. Also to warn you against well-meaning advisors who might encourage you to work until the point of exhaustion. DO NOT listen to them because once you are gone no one is going to take care of your business. Your work will make you tired and some days you might push it out but you shouldn’t push it every day. That’s not working its toil and you are not designed to toil.



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