Dear Africa, I Love Rwanda

Dear Rwanda, (as I type that I’m slightly freaking out that it is already a month since I touched anything on the continent of Africa)! It took me a while to pen this letter because my experience on the continent of Africa was more than I could have ever imagined, therefore making it really really difficult to capture in to words.

I stayed at The Serene Hotel in Kigali Rwanda – the conference was hosted in the hotel conference arena. The hotel was spectacular! Every morning I was greeted by smiling staff and fresh fruits, croissants, meats and omelets. Excellent hospitality.

I opted to stay at the hotel my entire trip rather than book an AirBNB as I did during my trip to the Bahamas this year. Mostly because the hotel was a sponsor of the conference also because the accommodations were so FREEggin beautiful. The whether was always perfect and the sun was always shinning on this beautiful location.

I’m completely in-love with how you live in the hills of the magnificent land of Rwanda. When I woke up the next morning and realized each tinkling light from my night time arrivals was actually your homes tucked beautifully in the hills I wanted to burst into tears from the beauty. Thank you.

Press day! Eeeew Rwanda how you managed to rename me “Ugma (The Beloved)” and listen to my and my american views is beyond me but I appreciate the warm regards and respect. After play and press you invited me in to a tour of your true history. What I know for sure is I must get my history from the people experienced it’s making everything else is propaganda.

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