Part 1 – My Debt Story: How I Fell Back Into $208,453.27 Debt

A few months before recording this video, I was filled with shame, embarrassment, and confusion. But I realized feeling shame wouldn’t change my debt balance.

So, instead of wading in my negative feelings, I interrupted my feelings with a statement of gratitude. I said to myself: I am so happy grateful to be debt free. 

Although, that statement is far from true it interrupted my mounting stress enough for me to turn on the camera and share my money story and how I fell back into debt.

But before I pressed record I had to first accept full responsibility for my bad money behavior. Second I had to recommit to my financial peace journey. 

That journey starts today with sharing this video.  I share the five types of debts that total $208,453.27. Also, share my money story, which covers how I learned some of my bad money behaviors. I appreciate you watching and holding me accountable to myself.

Thank you in advance for watching.



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  1. Hey Stephanie! Your Debt Story was freaking amazing. So authentic and relatable. You’ve put a fire under me to first figure out what I owe and then get to work on getting rid of the debt. You inspired me. This was the first time I’ve been introduced to your work and I’m glad I stumbled on you on YouTube. I’m know working on my product that will allow me to help others. Thanks😘 #YouRock

    1. Happy to have your attention! Are there any topics specifically that you’d like me to cover? I have some ideas plan but I’m happy to answer your specific questions also.