Fall Capsule Wardrobe: My Style Vision, Mood board, & Wish List

Hip hip hooray! Guess who’s finally doing a capsule wardrobe? MEEEEEEEH!


I’ve been trying to create a capsule wardrobe for two years. I chose not to restrict myself while creating my style vision. So I went online and filled shopping carts until my heart was content. This process allowed me to fulfill my fantasy fall capsule. I shopped at Zara.com, Nordstrom.com, Zappos.com, Antropologie.com, and Madewell.com. If I had checked out I would have spent over $3000.00 to purchase a brand new 37 piece fall capsule.

I didn’t check out. But I paid attention to colors, silhouettes, and themes of my fantasy fall capsule wardrobe.

Next, I took my fantasy to another level and made a Pinterest board. Creating a Pinterest board helped me edit my fall capsule vision.  I visualized how textures did or did not compliment one another. I could see how the polka dot dress didn’t really fit with my overall fall aesthetic. This made it so much easier to drop it from my capsule wardrobe vision. 

Finally, I got real. I set a budget of $250, inventoried my current wardrobe and planned to thrift shop for additional pieces for my fall capsule wardrobe.

I set a budget of $250, inventoried my current wardrobe and planned to thrift for additional pieces for my fall capsule wardrobe.

My fall capsule wardrobe visioning process:

  1. Fulfill my fantasy fall capsule by shopping at whatever store I wanted
  2. Visualize my fantasy fall capsule by pinning every piece on a mood board 
  3. Realized my fall capsule vision by thrift shopping 

I am really proud to say, so far I’ve found some really great pieces. I don’t have everything I need just yet but I also have spent my entire budget. 


I budgeted $250 for my entire fall capsule wardrobe. My budget is based on my financial focus of working the FPU debt snowball. I’m really proud to say that on my first thrift haul I spent $108.23.  Since I won’t be shopping for the next three months, it comes out to about $83.33 per month.

Once I spend my $250 budget that’s it, I’m done purchasing clothes for the rest of 2017.  

The hope is to build four really solid capsule wardrobes this year. That way next year I can pull my wardrobes from storage and swap key pieces, edit, and keep my clothing budget tight.


Discover my personal style.

This is a major goal for me. Some days I adore what I’m wearing. Most days I do not. While preparing for the capsule wardrobe I’ve learned that this yo-yo liking of my wardrobe is because I am unclear about my personal style. The goal is to get clear.

Stick to my budget.

I gave myself a tight budget to establish a capsule wardrobe because

  • I’m committed to my financial goal
  • I’ve wanted to experiment with clothing and personal style
  • I’m forced to visit several thrift shops to source quality pieces

Simplify + enjoy getting dressed in the morning.

I’m confident a capsule wardrobe will simplify and invigorate my mornings. Anytime, I get up, get dressed, and accessorize I always (yes always) enjoy my day more. With a capsule wardrobe, I’ll cut back on the mental clutter and anxiety that often accompanies getting dressed.


I’ll end up with a total of 37 pieces in my fall capsule wardrobe. Fingers crossed that I’ll do just that! 




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  1. Hey Stacey…and I’m doing the exact same thing! Paying off debt but looking GREAT and put together is my ultimate goal for the rest of the year. Thrifting is my secret weapon.
    You’ll do great!

    1. Awe thank you! Thrifting isn’t entirely new to me (my mom is the Thrifting Queen). But since becoming an adult it’s been hard to do. My aim is to choose thrifting throughout my entire financial peace journey. Last time I made the mistake of increasing my clothing budget as my income went up. Food and clothing are the sneaky budget busters for me. I think the capsule wardrobe is a perfect way to stay stylish and within my budget! 🙂