On finding balance and managing stress

Finding balance and managing stress are key to a life well lived. 

Clarify Your Vision

We live a life based on what you see. For a some this isn’t a problem as they’ve matured with champagne problems and see the world full of opportunities. For many others, however, they’ve matured under the pressure of trauma, violence, poverty, sickness, and brokenness. When we mature under the latter conditions our eyes adjust to manage the overwhelm and we begin to see more obstacles than opportunities. We then spend our days wearing glasses that shade the life we live. The cure for this trouble sight is a vision. You eyes enable you to see whats in front of you and live accordingly. Your vision, however, enables you to go beyond what you see and live based on all that you’ve ever imagined. Vision says I may live in a city I hate, work at a job that unfulfilling, and be slipping away in an unhealthy relationship but what I see for my life is big city living, a free lance lifestyle, and a healthy whole happy marriage. Your vision tells you can have that and it’s the only way to correct your sight.

So the first step to finding balance is establishing a vision for your life.


Get a Therapist

I said it before here, here, and here because I mean it. Some problems (most of your problems) can not be solved with a book, a life coach, a workshop, a podcast, or blog post. Therapy is like hiring a personal training for your brain and mind. It is the work of a professional that can help you to get rid of long-standing resentment, rejection, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and so much more. All the successful people I know have a therapist. They don’t have therapist’s because they are perpetually broken. They have therapists because they are committed to finding balance and managing stress. They’ve accepted that a life well lived will produce stress and getting help to manage stress is a healthy response.

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