I’m Stacey Flowers, I love hand written letters, sentimental gifts and books.

I’m a top rated female motivational speaker, podcaster, life coach, and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you create real happiness.

Professionally speaking, I once owned a boutique HR consulting firm where I designed and delivered professional development trainings to fortune 500 companies. 

My hunch is someone you trust mentioned my name or you stumbled upon one of my videos.

Whatever path you took, I’m really happy you are here!

What you may know about me is:

  • I delivered a TEDx Talk on the five key people you need in your life to create real happiness
  • I was named the Next Global Leader for my generation by Munroe Global Inc.
  • I earned my master’s and bachelor’s degrees from top notch universities

But what you may not know is:

I became a mom when I was seventeen years old as a senior in high school. I also dropped out of high school to work in an effort to build a better life for myself and my unborn child.

Thankfully, I had a few amazing people in my life that helped me get my life back on track. My guidance counselor, Mrs. Cirulus, helped me walk across the commencement stage (very pregnant) to become the first person in my mother and father’s family to graduate high school.

My son (see also: best human being on the planet, in my humble opinion) is now 15 years old and living his best life. In the face of a few challenges, I’ve built a business and life that truly makes a difference. My son, my business, and my life are what I’m most proud of.

My speaking programs help professional women with relationships, productivity, and stress. The Stacey Flowers Podcast is a live workshop style personal development podcast for anyone ready to get unstuck, make a decision, and move forward. My blog chronicles the adventures and misadventures of creating real happiness.

My speaking style? It’s invigorating, inspiring, and authentic. I make it simple for you to find and stay on the path to create real happiness in your work and life.

Aside from speaking, I’m obsessed with reading and gratitude. My hero is: Beyonce. My daily mantra is: you don’t have to hang the sun tomorrow.  

I sincerely believe your happiness will change the world.

This is my corner of the internet where I share how I’m making more happiness for myself and every person I speak to across the globe.

Don’t be shy, say Hi!

Email me at info@staceyflowers.com

Or find me on social media: @staceyflowers