I’m going to the BAHAMAS!!!!! Eeeeekkk!!!

When your spirit says go to the #Bahamas and your BUDGET says … “you GO girl”

This is how it works every single month I write a fresh budget. I make a fresh budget every month because every month my expenses change ***segue dance

Last month (July) I was in Chicago for 3 weeks.

This month (August) I’ll be in the Bahamas for 5 days.

Even if I weren’t traveling I would still complete a fresh hand written budget every month. WHY? Because I love telling my money where to go.

First I always (yes always) tell money to pay my tithes.

Next, I tell my money to pay my four walls (food, rent, car, utilities).

Finally, I tell my money to pay my debts. Annnnnd because I tell my money where to go every month I’m finally in a space where I can go wherever my heart desires and still be gazelle intense about repaying ALLLL of my debts.

My Debt Snowball is shrinking faster than I could have ever imagined and this just makes me soooooooooo FREEGGIN HAPPY!#IAmAHappyWoman


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