I’m walking away from $9,123.69 

No More Student Loan Debt ||

I am walking away from paying $9,123.69 a year in interest on my student loan debt.

Balance $152k x Interest Rate 5.5% = $9,100.00 a year or $760.00 a month 👀

If I pay my $1,665.00 minimum monthly payment for the next ten years as suggested by my peers and society my lender will have earned $91,000.00 on my loan.

Which means in 10 years I will have paid $243,000 on my student loan debt. WHHHHAT?!?!?!?! This means by the time I’m 40 years old I will have spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on my 15 year old education.

Ummm NO THANK you. Listen up Federal Government. Thank you for trusting me to pay back my debt. It will be done! Paid-in-full by Feb 23, 2015.

I will take that $91,000 in savings and cashflow my beautiful wedding👰💍, put 30% down on my first home and buy a gently used Range Rover 🚘

What say yea? How much do you pay in #studentloan interest a year?

#NoMoreStudentLoanDebt 💃💃💃💃I Am Happy Woman 😝

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