I’m feeling engaged. This is my fourth month following Dave Ramsey’s Zero-Based Budget forms and things are looking really good. I’m still making mistakes but every month I feel more and more confident that I will reach my financial goals for the year.

I am grateful for…

  1. How slowly the month progressed
  2. My wonderful dog Valor. He’s with a new family but he will always hold a special place in my happy heart
  3. My budget

I need to stop…

  1. Using my debit card

I need to start…

  1. Cash envelopes

I am currently on Baby Step #1: Save $500.00.

SAVINGS: $300.00

INCOME: $880.21

EXPENSES: $880.21


DEBT REMAINING: $208,453.27

NET WORTH: – $0.00

Important Goings On – January

This month was unremarkable and I love every single second of it.

Important Lessons Learned – January

Time is relative. This sounds crazy but I realized that time speeds up and slows down relative to how I’m feeling. This is very helpful to me as I progress through my debt free journey.

Budget with Me NEXT MONTH!

DOWNLOAD my reflection questions, forms, and budget with me next month. Sign Up HERE: http://eepurl.com/dgP7Lb

Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.


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