Life Lately No. 10

Instead of worrying about what others think about you concentrate on what you think about yourself.


Healing is completely painful. I wish I couldn’t remember! I wish I couldn’t remember! I don’t want to remember. My therapist is amazing but I am so overwhelmed by everything I’m remembering.


I’ve committed myself to healing. Not to knowing but to h e a l i n g. This is a huge difference from the previous times I’ve entered therapy. Each of those times I simply wanted to know. I wanted to know why I was angry, sick, depressed and anxious.

This time I want to heal. I’m so scared and sad. What I’ve remembered this week in therapy is awful. But I’ve realized remembering is the process to overcoming the pain and panic.  This I’m told is how to heal.

PARENTING (Long-distance).

My human being is here! I’m so very grateful. I love him so much. He is amazing!


Not reading anything at this time. My memory recall was too much to read anything.


Living in my favorite city. I’ve been here for a while but it literally feels like I just arrived. I love Chicago.

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