Life Lately No. 13

I spoke! I spoke!!! I gave my testimony at the Woman’s Foundations ministry and I remembered my words. Everything came together just as I prayed it would!


My anxiety is fading making it easier to speak. I’m still experiencing some residual effects from therapy last week but I spoke with my therapist and she gave me several grounding techniques to help. Being in Africa helps. I just feel like I’m away.


I’m learning so much about God in this season it’s absolutely amazing. Like I can not believe I’m on the continent of Africa! I have worked this year! I have not earned money this year! So imagine my surprise to find that being one hundred percent dependent on God would mean that I could travel internationally and be well taken care of! My mind is completely blown but at the same time I’m seeing how God is woven into the fabric of my life and totally making everything happen! It’s amazing!


Trust by Iyanla Vanzant. This book is amazing

Worthy by Nancy Levin. If you’re having trouble keeping money that you make this book is worth a read.

How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever by Victor Boc. I just picked this book up and I’m excited about reading it!


My kiddo started practicing with his team and he’s happy as pie! Summer 17 is amazing.


Speaking again! I am so happy my voice is back! I can do this! I can speak again!

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