Life Lately No. 16

Being back home is tough. I experienced some bad symptoms while in Rwanda in respect to my PTSD. I’m feeling a little better now but I have some tough phone calls to make. The airline made a mistake when booking my return flight and I spent an extra night in the city of Kigali.

Is very hard to do. I proud of myself for staying committed to the journey of healing. Despite what other people want or think they need from me.


Nothing is more important than my life.


My son broke his ankle in two places and had to have surgery twice. I wasn’t there for him because I was out of the country. This breaks my heart.




My rebound time. This week has been tough. My cousin died from brain cancer, my son broke his ankle, my flight was messed up and I have folks demanding things from me that I couldn’t fathom delivering. But the silver lining is my rebound time is getting shorter. Meaning it’s taking me less time time to assign a healthy meaning to my most difficult circumstances.

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  1. I enjoyed watching your vision board. An awesome woman with so much will power. Thank God for just coming across video o vision boards always wanted to make one.

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed making that video and will post my vision board process for 2018 also! Stay tuned.