Life Lately No. 17

I got a dog! Okay this statement isn’t entirely true. Not yet anyway. I may be getting a dog. And if/when I get her I’m going to name her Stella! Dog training is teaching me more about myself than the pitbull and I’m loving every single second of it. I took a bit from a dog today and as you can see I’m didn’t die. This is good news! Hahaha no seriously taking a dog bit is much like everything else in life 80% mental 20% physical in the since that this dog could have pulled my arm off and finished my head for dessert. But instead the dog who’s name is Trauma, did exactly what his owner told him to do– bite.

I did the bit four times and by the fourth time nearly passed out. I did get a little nick on my arm sort of like a warrior wound.

But here’s what’s really important or what I learned:

I want to be the owner of a pitbull. Proper training is necessary

I am not yet strong enough to handle a pitbull which leads me to my third point

Dogs are not toys.

Stella will be trained in agility, obedience, and then protection. The interesting thing is having her around makes me feel so safe and this has helped 1000% with my healing.


EMDR is the type of therapy I’m doing and its magnificent.


How much I love love love dogs.

Parenting (Long-distance).

My son is golden.


The Tapping Solutions


Living in Chicago. This city feels right!

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