Life Lately No. 19

A full month has past since my last Life Lately. That is because these past few months have been very challenging. Prior to September I had made peace with the fact that I could not work and I was in a forced rest season given the PTSD triggers and lingering anxiety. Although my depression had lifted somewhat and I was able to stay present to my experiences it didn’t quite cure my anxiety and PTSD triggers. But alas it’s time to get back to work.


Therapy doesn’t get the credit it deserves in a society convinced it can be helped by a coach, blog post, prayer, wish or meditation. My singular prayer for mankind is that each person who needs therapy gets access to it. Even the very best of who mean no harm in our actions could benefit from giving our mind professional help. Honestly if it had not been for therapy I wouldn’t have the strength to execute all that God has placed in my heart to do. Every single day I get stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. For this I am deeply grateful.


Every person in my life is not forever. I never not once thought to consider the implications of having seasonal relationships with any of the people I’ve had in my life over the last decade. However it has become painfully clear that many of my most precious relationships are seasonal. While I’d love to stay and work on forever with many of this people the way my vision is set up I just can’t. When I think about the fact that all my body systems shut down systematically to bring me to the awareness that I had outgrown my season with them I can’t believe I spent so much time ignoring the truth. But I’m learning. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to learn this lesson and I’m grateful because my rebound time is shorter. But I’m learning even good things must come to an end.


I take five minutes of every morning for family time with my son. It doesn’t feel like enough but is what I can do at this time. I haven’t seen my human being since July. It’s hard. It’s crazy. It’s scary. I’m going to try and take a trip to my hometown for a visit with him before my heart completely breaks.


When Breath Becomes Air by

This is the second book I’ve read from my Fall Reading list and it’s absolutely riveting.

The Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy

Stop what you’re doing and get this book so you can next level your productively and execution.


I’m truly loving my life. How I was able to manifest a perfect apartment in my favorite city while my brain was completely shut down I’ll never know. However I will say I’m grateful every single day to live in a city I love. Life is good and when it doesn’t feel good which is often I know it’s getting better.

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