Mr. Miyagi

8:00AM] Make a Mr. Miyagi Payment of $5.50 on my student loans.

In this picture I want you to notice a few things…

1. A balance of $1,816.43 is totally manageable. It doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t freak me out. But 3 years ago this balance was over $10,000. I was scared. I was freaked out. I couldn’t even look at it without my mind saying “girl bye, ain’t nobody got time for that” or “when you get married your husband will take care of it” or “if you just pick the right lottery numbers then you can just pay it off at one time”

Basically my mind would run to a fantasy about how I’d get this debt paid.

2. There’s a pending payment for 1/23/17 and 1/24/17. That’s because yesterday when my Mr. Miyagi trigger reminder went off I went to the site and made a payment.

You see I make this payment EVERY SINGLE DAY at the same time.

I know I could just add up $5.50 a day and make one payment at the end of the week for $38.50 or at the end of the month for $154.00.

But you and I both know that doesn’t work. That’s called wishful thinking and you’re not going to do it.

But $5.50 a day that’s called systematic thinking which enables me to actually succeed daily in the task of getting out of debt.

3. In addition to $5.50 a day, I pay the minimum monthly payment on all my loans, and at the end of every month whatever extra money (😒where have you been lately) goes toward my debts.

4. Kings and Queens I’ve been on this journey coming up on 4 years. My first year I made the biggest dent (but I nearly lost my mind) my second year I made a nice size dent (but I had a plan (Dave Ramsey) so I kept my mind) my third year was a wash. I made a teeny tiny dent because of some family shuffling. This year I’m back on track and more pumped than ever!!!

Everyone on my email list will get gems on how I get and stay motivated to do something like this!!!

Cheers to living debt free by honoring Mr. Miyagi!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Happy dance! Happy dance tink tink boom pow!!!

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