My night time routine (while ill)

Sleep hygiene is something I’ve consciously focused on for years. It’s so important to maintaining personal happiness. On most nights I feel scared and anxious but I find that a night time routine helps me to get better sleep.

Here is my night time routine while ill.

Drink a little tea.

I like my evenings warm, so hot tea is amazing to drink just before bed. Yogi Tea is my favorite I like: Bed Time (Soothing Carmel) or Stress Relief (Kava). When my system isn’t  working I drink: Smooth Move, it helps a lot.

Read just a little.

I’m trying to get into novels before bed but it’s hard because I love nonfiction. I try to read a least two paragraphs of anything before I turn off the lights.

Use Lavender Oil

I place a little lavender oil on the insides of my wrist, behind my ears, and on my neck. The oil is very calming and the scent helps me stay grounded throughout the night. If I start panicking I raise my wrist near my nose for a little relief.

Update My Grid Journal

Every night to track healing and calm my thoughts, I ask myself 8 questions and record my thoughts in the Grid Journal app.

Pray for Peace of Mind

I spend a few minutes in gratitude. Then I pray for peace of mind. My mind feels gridlocked stuck on worse case scenarios and pain. While therapy helps my brain heal, prayer helps to heal my mind.

And that’s it! What are your sleep practices?



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