Every single month before the month begins I do a handwritten budget where I tell my money where to go. Except for the last few months when I didn’t tell my money where to go… because well… I got busy…transitioning. But this month when I looked at my account it was overdrawn by $27.64.

I thought to myself… how in the world did I end up here? Me. Mother. Author. Sister. Daughter. Speaker. Host of a premium conference @thehappyconference how could my account be overdrawn?

ANSWER: because I stopped doing what worked, once it worked.

Be yee not as foolish as me. Do what works until you reach your goal. Anything less is failure. Don’t fail. Fall… okay sure but get back up and do what works!

Here’s how it works
1. I pay my tithes
2. I pay my four walls
3. I pay my debts
4. Replenish my $1000.00 savings. And that’s it!

Every single month before the months begins until I’m 100% debt free …thus enabling me to make love to my future husband debt free and cash flow my 7 nieces, 1 son, 2 God sons, and future babies to college debt free! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Happy dance happy dance think tink boom pow. (In case your wondering $80k of $168k paid off in two years) #StaceyFlowers #NoMoreStudentLoans #YesImTired#OfCourseIWishIWasDone

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