No Job… No problem


I didn’t get the temporary HR Specialist position. The attached letter is an explanation as to why.

I got this letter a day after my niece gave me an education on how I’m not ready to be rich. 

I’ll say the timing was perfect because instead of kicking, screaming, and otherwise cursing God for not making a this job happen. I chuckled and said to myself “well, I guess your going to have to focus on your own business in order to pay off your student loan debt”

This means I will not look for another position as an employee. This opportunity did not work out. Period. So I must move on.

I know this seems a little short sighted given my goal to pay $160k in 1 year but it’s not. I had to make a swift decision about whether to look for employment opportunities or focus on business development for my own company! The latter is more profitable.

So my decision made.

What say yea? When you knock and the door doesn’t open do you keep knocking or do you build another door somewhere?

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