No more social media.

I’m really excited about my social media break. I say break because I know one day I’ll have to leave my cozy place of anonymity and return to the daily digital space.

This hiatus started involuntarily as I couldn’t bring myself to prepare, post, or engage in any sort of social media activity while I healed from anxiety and depression. As you can see, I liked the quiet. I enjoyed the time to think, create, and fall in love with my work without commentary.

After writing extensive pros and cons lists about whether or not to log back in, I happily concluded that I will indeed return. But I’m not coming back without a social media plan. I understand that the purpose of social media is to engage with real people, in real time, about real things.

But let’s be honest social media is a highlight real for most people and free marketing for entrepreneurs. Yet when I first entered the matrix I didn’t understand that and once I saw it I didn’t want to buy into the hype. So instead I got sucked into the comparison game, overwhelmed by picture-perfect virtual reality and exhausted pouring too much energy into my weaknesses.

I’ve changed my social media strategy to one that matches my values, my voice, and my vision. I know what you’re thinking, Stacey it’s not that serious it’s just social media. To which I respond it is that serious for me. I envision a world where people are happy. Take a look around many people are hurting and very unhappy. I believe I am equipped to change that and I accept the gift of being able to do that kind of work.

My work makes people happy and if mastering social media gives me leverage to do that then logging on, giving up anonymity, and sharing practical tips on how to be happy while living this great adventure called life is something I am honored to do.

Thankfully today is not that day.



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