When! NOT If. (When) Life throws you lemons be sure you have the ingredients and wherewithal to make lemonade.

When! NOT If. (When) Life throws you lemons be sure you have the ingredients and wherewithal to make lemonade. #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt

This UNEXPECTED $620.00 metropolitan utilities district bill is a lemon.

A sour, shut your mouth, how in H. E. double hockey sticks do I have a six hundred and twenty dollar heating bill lemon. 

Now I could be all… Let me fight the utility company and scream, cuss, & fuss at the customer service representative for allowing the automated system to calculate such a ridiculous bill.


I could saddle up some “wherewithal” call for an explanation and make appropriate arrangements.

I chose the latter. The representative we’ll call her CeCe was uneffected by my shock and awe at the billing amount. CeCe merely explained the metrics that made up the total of my bill.

CeCe went on to say that at least 50% would need to be paid today to avoid interruption of service. I explained to CeCe that my services have clearly been interrupted given that I’m seating in a chilly house (of which the temp is usually 73 degrees or higher)

For those of you wondering the measure of ridiculousness of this bill let’s me break it down for you:

1. I live in an apartment NOT a house… a cozy little apartment “think” gorgeous Chi-town Lincoln Park style apartment or My Tiny House ofwww.tumbleweedhouse.com size apartment
2. My rent is $410 for my cozy space so this bill is the equivalent of rent + a 50% deposit
3. My heating bill hovers around $75 a month when the temp is set on 73 degrees consistently.

Now, it’s me and two other human beings living in this cozy space. Two of these humans are cold all the time while the other human being is perpetually hot. So the thermostat in my home as of late fluctuated nearly daily from 73 degrees to 90+ degrees.

I remember one evening waking up in the middle of the night in a full body sweat. I thought I was dying. Nope! As it turned out one of the human being inside my home had set the temperature to 100 degrees the thermometer read 97 degrees.

When this happened I explained to all the human beings in the house that we couldn’t keep turning the heat up to 90+ degrees then turning it off because that was going to drastically impact our heating cost.

When we woke up this morning to a chilly home I think every human being began to truly understand exactly how our behaviors effected our heating bill and budget.

After some loud but loving lecturing from one of the human beings, the other two human beings promised not to touch the thermostat.

And using my ingredients (i.e. Money from my emergency fund) I paid the utility bill ANNNNND purchased a personal space heater for one of the human beings just in case they get cold ever again.

The point of this #repeat lesson that occurred right in the middle of my #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt experience is that while I was very upset and shocked by seeing this unexpected expense, these unexpected occurrences are becoming the norm in my life. And I am learning just how capable I am at managing them.

And while at first I thought clearly life (aka the Devil) is out to get me and God doesn’t want me to prosper and reach my goal so he’s not helping me.

I’m realizing that God is not trying to block me. God isn’t even concerned in this matter at this point. And neither is the Devil.

God was in the “idea” to pay-off my student loans in one year. God is a part of the promise, that once the debt is paid in full I will have honored my word, be full of power, and financial freedom.

Life (fondly referred to as the Devil by most believers) could only be involved to the degree that I think against God’s original idea of me paying of my student loan debt in one year.

This unexpected expense is life. I believe because I have turned my attention to living my life intentionally I have become much more keen to how life shows up. And therefore subject to more of “life” curve balls.

Also I realize that God’s not involved in the details of “HOW” I pay-off the debt, much like as a mother I’m not involved in the details of “HOW” my son plays hide-n-seek with his friends.

With my son I am there to facilitate the opportunities for him to play any game he wants in an environment that is set up to support him.

God is there to facilitate the opportunities for me to pay off my student loan debt anyway I want in an environment that is set up to support me.

This unexpected $620.00 utility is the equivalent of my son getting tagged in the game of hide-n-seek.

It’s a game that he’s playing, and then he gets tagged so he’s “it” and he can either quit playing because his plan to not be found was foiled or he could lean in to the game and go tag somebody else.

Same with me. I decided to play the game of #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt so every time I get tagged with a financial hiccup I can’t quit the game… Cuz then I lose. No I have to know that I signed up to play this game and this is what happens in this game.

My attention to my money is bringing money problems and opportunities to my attention. So yes it’s ridiculous that this bill came up and it $620.00. But what’s even more dope is that this unexpected $620.00 expense didn’t break my spirit, my bank account, or my momentum to pay off my student loan debt.

Nope! It just reminded me that I am playing a heck of a game right now and having a glass of lemonade every once in a while, simply means I’m playing my little heart out.

What say yea Facebook family… How would you have responded to an unexpected $620 utility bill?

A. Cursed God
B. Cursed the Life (aka the Devil)
C. Neither (insert original reaction)

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