On Overcoming Hopelessness

Everyone loves to tell you how you should feel but when feelings of hopelessness loom it can be hard to feel anything-and that’s okay. Your emotions just like your body need attention and care.

Don’t push yourself emotionally.

When I fell into depression, hopelessness followed. Everyone kept telling me to pull myself together. People are counting on you–they said. This was the worst advice I’ve ever heard.

In my state of hopelessness, it was emotionally impossible to pull myself together. It didn’t matter that people were counting on me. My purpose overwhelmed me. My vision blinded me. It was just too much. So I stopped pushing myself emotionally. What emerged was a new assignment.

An assignment much like purpose and vision is an amazing gift from God. Your assignments helps you to live your purpose and fulfill your vision. An assignment always comes with specifics: a place, a person, or a plan.

My last assignment was with my pastor in my hometown. Many blessings came from faithfulness to this assignment. I couldn’t imagine God calling me to another location, person, or plan.

Take a break (on & offline).

My business and life intersect on and offline. As of the writing of this post, I’ve been offline and antisocial for about four months. It feels absolutely amazing. Taking a break from posting significantly reduced my overwhelm. Your experience may be different than mine but one thing remains the same: we all need breaks.

Through taking a break on and offline, I’ve uncovered the location of my new assignment.  My new assignment is in Chicago.

I don’t have any idea what I’m going to do in Chicago. But once I stopped pushing myself emotionally and took a break on and off line my assignment emerged and my overwhelmed went away.




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