Paying off my student loan debt ain’t all smiles… 

Lately I’ve been “gazelle-intense” about my budget and paying on my student loans every day😤.

Today, I made my “Mr. Miyagi payment” of $5.50. This is exciting because I see my private loan steadily decreasing, it’s really amazing what $5.50 a day, can do! 

I must have been really feeling myself because I went to my consolidated loan website to review my other two much larger loans. I wanted to visualize what it would be like to pay $10k, $50k, $100k, then ultimately $152k to get rid of this debt pile.

My visualization tempted me to press the button that read “Pay Total Amount Due”, I selected the button and do you know what popped up?!?!?!?

Another page that showed my original principle PLUS the unpaid interest!!!!

So what I originally thought was $152k mountain is actually a $160k mountain.

That is an $8000 difference! That is $8000 more than I was prepared to put toward my debt! For the last 25 days I’ve been wrapping my mind around $152k mountain and NOW! NOW! I have to go another $8k!!!!!

This part completely sucks! Where am I going to get an extra $8k, I doooooooon’t know. Apparently my mind and body couldn’t handle this information so right around 8:44AM I fell asleep. Knocked out cold!

It’s funny because I haven’t fallen asleep on my money since I was like 22 years old. Around this time I was about $18,000 in credit card debt. Then one day I woke up and was like I’m paying this off and I will never go in to “credit card” debt again. I held up this promise to myself. But I’d fall asleep for about a three hour after I looked over my budget every time.

Since I was 22, I’ve had a pretty good relationship with my money. It hasn’t been over or underwhelming enough to knock me out.

Learning today, however that my debt is actually $159,664.00 😖 or $160k knocked me out cold.

I’m up now. Ready. Refocused. & RUNNING.

I wanted you to know it ain’t all smiles and I am really very upset because I didn’t catch this 8k difference at the beginning of my journey.

Next post I’ll detail more revenue generating plans to include but not limited to:

*getting a Human Resources job aka using my Masters Degree 😒

Stay tuned…

Does anyone else fall asleep on their money?


*photo + quote credit to @Myleik

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