{The Plan} No More Student Loan Debt 

Here’s a snapshot (why I’m letting ya’ll all up and through my business, I have no idea). I’m committed to my path as a messenger for Happiness so my best guest is this will be a blessing and make a few college educated people, very happy … So here goes my Plan {a snapshot} to pay-off 152k in one year.


*Business* – Stacey Flowers, Inc.
SPEAKING: $43,000 (as of today I have this much expected revenue)
– I have signed speaking contracts that total this amount
– This is gross NOT net (I set aside about 30% of my gross revenue for taxes) =$12,900
– my additional business expenses (travel & lodging) estimated = $4000

So expected net from the above speaking contracts total: $26,100 (relax I know that doesn’t seem like much but it’s MY business income which means it’s actual money my company has earned…this is an amazing number to me because it’s also only Feb!)

COACHING: $10,800 (estimated earnings for the year)
– this number is a quick estimate based on what I earned last year.
– this is the easiest area for income growth

PASSIVE INCOME: $5000 (estimated earnings for the year
– based on my book sales (currently my only passive income) from last year I anticipate making around the same.
– this is a sensible area for income growth

*Side Hustle* – Quarter-Time Server

– I work 2-3 evenings a week about 15 hours total
– I work 7 months out of the year
– this number is based on what I made last year with the same schedule.
– on average it’s about $2000 a month
– I serve because I love the work, entrepreneurship can get isolating, and my business income is sporadic.

Extra Misc: $5,000

I donate plasma b/c it helps mothers, people give me money all the time, I cash-in my change, and I do odd jobs like hair, meal planning, etc. I’d say this would total about $5000 in a years time.

SO my total estimated income as of today is $61,900.

My annual expenses (i.e. Rent, utilities, food, etc) = $16,920

$61,900 – $16,920 = {$44,980}

– as of today if I DO NOT do anything to increase my income and I FOLLOW my budget to a T, I’d be able to put $44,980 toward my student loan debt
– this leaves a remaining balance of {= $106,744.32}

So there you have it! The Plan for#NoMoreStudentLoanDebt involves me increasing my income by $106,774.32

HOW will I increase my income by 100k?!?!?!? I DON’t know, but what I do know is that you don’t plant a (What) seed and a (How) seed in the same soil. So tonight I plant WHAT I’m doing. Lemme know if you need more details.

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