Revisiting my WHY

Revisiting my WHY || #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt

About every two week or so I revisit my “WHY”

WHY am I paying off 160k in student loans in one year or less?

My “WHY”: I intend to pay 100% of the college funds for my 7 nieces, one son, and bonus kiddos college education. Additionally I want to make love to my husband debt-free.

This week I didn’t have to go deep into my vision, I didn’t have to dig into my memories or peruse a photo box in search of my why.

Nope this week, I watched my why play quarterback; make a 40 yard pass 👀, and score a touchdown, in his first junior high football game that ended 28 to Zero, in favor of his team.

This week, I took my why(s) to the dentist and doctors offices (their Mom, my sister had to work a few 10 hour shifts and couldn’t make the appointments).

This week while at the dentist’s office one of my why(s) asked me to help her with her math homework. Another why snapped these photos (she takes all my photos so I’m going to put her in a class).

S/N: I am terrible at math.

So of course I said…”YES! Absolutely, Auntie Stacey would love to help.”

As we sat in the waiting room struggling to find the difference and sum totals I was overcome with joy + renewed conviction for my quest to pay off all my student loans.

I realized in that moment of trying to help one of my nieces with her homework that I was stretching toward my goal to fund 12+ college educations…

Realizing that in this moment because of the goals I set and achieved before this day (i.e. Become an entrepreneur, write a book, go to college, earn a Master’s degree, start a consulting company, speak across the nation, ect. ) I am that much closer to realizing my full vision.

Because I’ve demolished my other goals I have the time in my schedule to take my why(s) to the dentist and attend football games.

Because I’ve accomplished my other goals I have the resources in my mental bank to help my why(s) with their homework.

Because I’ve reached those other goals, one day very soon I will be debt-free + cash flowing my “why(s)” dreams.

Simon Sinek tells business leaders that “gaining clarity of WHY, ironically is not the hard part. It’s the #discipline to stay true to ones gut, to stay true to one’s purpose, cause or beliefs. Remaining completely in balance and authentic is the most difficult part.”

I agree. We generally know WHY we want to be debt-free, to lose the weight, to go back to school, or start our own company.

The challenge most of us face is creating a path from #knowing what we want ………to #having what we want.

That’s why I wrote PROSPER: How to Set + Achieve Goals with Soul , because I’ve achieved many things in my life.

Those things just like this quest would be nearly impossible had I not set goals and stayed true to my WHY.

Thank you for reading! #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt


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