STOP and smell the roses. 

7:00 AM ||

Last night at my “side hustle” a dinner guest gifted me this small bouquet of roses and left me a lovely tip of $260.

Given that I am focusing 1000% of my effort on paying off my student loan debt everything over the 20% that I was expecting on this tip will be flipped on to my student loan debt. 

This mean I’ll make a $120.00 payment. Would I rather buy a cute maxi dress from Marshall’s? Yes! Would I rather by cute custom throw pillows for my couch? Yes! Would I rather buy a new swim suit for my upcoming trip to Hawaii? YES!

But you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to pay off my student loan debt. The reason I make a $5.50 payment everyday is so I can build the habit of paying my debt before I buy anything else. This single payment reminds me of my priority for the day, month, & year.

Annnnnnd what’s my priority for the next 12 months? #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt #roses#inspiration #money #wealth #debtfree#financiallyhappy #financialfreedom #finance101

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