Strategy #1

No More Student Loan Debt |||||| If you expect to EXECUTE anything you need a plan and every good plan has a few strategies. Strategies are the various tools you use to implement your plan.

I’ve detailed my income plan and here is one of my strategies to pay-off my 152K student loan debt by February 23, 2015.

Everyday I will make a PAYMENT of $5.50 or more. If I only pay $5.50 a day for one year I will have paid $2000.00 toward my student loan debt. Obviously I need to pay waaaaay more than $2000 a year to get everything paid off.

However this payment is designed to keep my goal right in front of me and make sure that I am making progress daily.

What I’ve learned about success is that it is really a series of small AWESOME decisions that lead to one GREAT result.

Think about it, if you told yourself that you had to pay $12,666 a month, to pay off your student loan debt, wouldn’t you want to give up?

This type of thinking would be the equivalent of me trying to bench press 250 lbs, even though I’ve never lifted the bar.

These small payments are like going to the gym everyday and getting comfortable with the bar, knowing that I’ll slowly add weights so I can build the strength to reach my goal of benching 152K.

I opened a clean checking account to make each payment. This account not only serves as a recorder for each transaction but it is also a very major act of FAITH. Clearly I don’t have 152K in my account today but by FAITH I’m believing that everyday this account will have more than enough to pay-off this debt.

To get the ball rolling I’m making my first NO MORE STUDENT LOAN DEBT payment today + plus cashing in my change jar ($19.05). Once a month I’ll cash in my change jar and drop this on my student loans as well.

This part of my strategy is specifically designed to re-condition my subconscious mind away from spending money to paying down my student loan debt. You may not believe this but these teeny tiny transactions makes me so FREEggin happy 😝

What say yea? #NoMoreStudentLoans

P.S. My lender has an App to make payments which I think is pure genius… Do your lenders?


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