Strategy #2 Increase “Earned Income”


If you expect to EXECUTE anything you need a plan and every good plan has a few strategies. Strategies are the various tools you use to implement your plan.

I need extra “Earned Income.”

Last week when I was brainstorming options to earn extra income I stumbled upon a job posting for a Temporary HR Specialist! I jumped at this opportunity 1. Because the posting said temporary 2. Because the posting said HR Specialist 3. Because the position is posted for an organization that is restructuring.

What this says to me is I’ll be able to join the company, do great work, get paid extremely well, then leave the company without all the messiness of resigning. Heck after the temporary position ends I may pitch them to take me on as a contract consultant (yes, my work is that good).

Today, I had an excellent phone interview. We talked well over our scheduled time because the phone interviewer we’ll call her KoKo had so many questions. I expect to hear from KoKo early next week for a second interview!

The thing that is most interesting about this opportunity is I actually decided last Wednesday to look for a earned income sources. I found this position the same day, applied by Friday. And had my first round of interviews today (Wednesday), 7 days later.

So within a week of job searching I found exactly what I was looking for and secured a pre-screening interview.

I am sharing this because many of my peers are struggling financially and these same peers happen to be UNDEREMPLOYED.

Being underemployed means you have a job but you’re accepting money or working in a position that is below your pay grade and/or skill level.

These same peers experience great anxiety, fear and doubt when it comes to the job seeking process. I don’t feel these types of feelings and pretty much get every job I want and when I don’t get the job it’s because something better is waiting in the wings.

I think this happens for a few reasons: 1. My mother instilled a lioness-confidence in me about getting a job. She said “Stacey never forget they NEED you more than you need them because they need somebody to join their company to do all the work they can’t or don’t want to do. Annnnnnnd if you get an interview you’ve got the job unless you convince them with your words that you don’t want it. Lol my mother is the truth. Her wisdom boils down to they need you, and if they express interest in you, take advantage of their need.

2. I set the standard for what I WANT. In this regard I want: flexibility, a term contract (my focus ALWAYS is to build a multi-million dollar empire with my speaking business) so I will NEVER accept a position that prevents me from reaching this goal, and lastly I want great pay (also know as 45K or more). With these 3 standards in mind I search for open positions. I don’t deviate from my standards because I know if I do I’ll get stuck, bored, or frustrated in the position and this makes for horrible work product.

3. I do a ton of research to make sure I am a great fit for the position. I am never totally qualified for the positions I gain. I certainly have a great education and great experiences but I don’t usually apply for position where there is a 1-to-1 match of qualifications. I do this because I want to learn and strengthen my current skills and knowledge. If I apply at my current level I’ll remain at my current level. However I do enough research to confidently express to my interviewer why my current skills are best suited to the position and how my experiences translate in to a fresh perspective for the company.

I say all that to say I am really excited about this opportunity to earn an income.

Many of you may say but Stacey why not just speak and coach? Your sooooooo good at it. To which I respond: Thank you, I believe you and I’ve considered increasing my speaking engagements and coaching practices. However the management of my business development has to be weighed against my “real life.”

In my real life I just adopted my 13 year old niece, in my real life my 11 year old son has a school activities schedule that keeps me at an event like three times a week, in my real life my company is small and I have a few awesome people working with me and there is only so much I can do at one time to generate revenue. When you have your own business you have to be persistent and patient with your cashflow timeframe.

Additionally, I have some irresistible life-coaching services that will be available soon. I have a new book coming out. And I’ll be traveling to NY, Texas, Chicago, and Hawaii all before August to speak and coach. But in the interim while I am patiently waiting for that tree to bear fruit. I will maximize my other talents so I can reach my goal of No More Student Loan Debt.

Please send KoKo love and light, may she contact me early next week with an employment contract that supersedes my expectations. 🙏Amen.

#NoMoreStudentLoanDebt BTW Happy #internationaldayofhappiness

P.S. If you think you may be interested in “Life Coaching” with me, inbox me and I’ll add your name to the wait list ☺️

*Photo credit my AMAZING son, Rakim

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