Three Reasons You’re Having Trouble Finding Happiness

2017 has been a struggle year for me. I had all the plans. But 2017 showed up and said actually you’re not doing any of that. When I think about real happiness I always come back to my definition of happiness; which I define as unleashing your God given potential to positively influence the world. This definition implies a perpetual movement forward toward positive influence over our worlds. Whether it’s the world at large are the people and pets in your home.

In general there are four major areas of unhappiness that of relationships, finances, health, and loss. At the top of the year I experienced nervous exhaustion and couldn’t leave my house because of the overwhelming anxiety. It was difficult because I couldn’t work, I can breathe, and I lost my happiness. The way I got it back is by pouring into these three areas.

  1. Lack of self worth. Self worth is how you value yourself. Not understanding how useful you are. A lot people what to be happy until they find the thing outside of themselves. I’ll be happy when I get the house, car, man, degree, or business. Most people don’t lack self-worth in their profession but they do lack self worth in their personhood. So if yourself struggling with finding happiness you must check your self-worth. If you want to restore your self worth you have to uncover purpose. Your purpose is a light through every dark tunnel.
  2. Lacking self confidence. What are you saying about yourself to yourself. When you lose confidence you stop taking risks. Your self-confidence enables you to create the life you want by taking risk. To build yours self confidence you must change the way you confide in yourself both public and privately.
  3. Lacking self esteem. How much do you like yourself? You know you don’t like yourself when you don’t like spending time with yourself.

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