VLOG: Follow me to Therapy + How to Find a Therapist + Checklist

It has never been more important in the history of mankind than it is right now to be intentional about asking for help from the right people.

Choosing the right people to serve you throughout life is so important to your health and happiness that I’m sharing in detail my personal experience with therapy and how to find a therapist.

I’ve included a how to find a therapist checklist to help you select a great therapist for yourself. 


I’m being super transparent and vulnerable in this vlog because, I’ve noticed that on and offline everyone’s an expert, guru, coach, sage, or pastor. Your friends, pastors, parents, siblings, mentors, and friends are all experts on your problem.

The trouble is not everyone on and offline are professionals, myself included. This is the reason why I highly recommend you learn how to find a therapist.

Therapy is an investment.

Therapy is self-love.

Therapy is treating your brain and mind to a professional. 

In today’s vlog, follow me to therapy and watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to find a therapist for yourself (checklist included).




Not sponsored. The recommendations and opinions expressed here are one hundred percent my own. I only ever recommend products that I truly believe in and would/do use myself.

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  1. Stacey walked me through this over the phone and I located a therapist within walking distance that I have great chemistry with AND that specializes in my areas of concern. This was very beneficial for me and the start of what I hope to be a great relationship on my self-actualizing journey!

    1. My dearest Brandy! I’m so so so happy our convo and this video helped!!! Within walking distance is sooooooooo amazing!