Welcome to my lifestyle blog.

Hello, Friends! Welcome to my lifestyle blog!

Although I’ve wanted this digital space for fourteen years, I couldn’t bring myself to consistently write, post, and publish.

I imagined the Stacey Flowers blog to be a laugh out loud archive for my grandchildren while doubling as a creative outlet for myself and a linchpin resource for you on living life happy.

But because of well-meaning advice, fear, grammar, punctuation, finances, and time I could never commit myself to consistently contribute to this dream project. Then one day, January 21, 2017, to be exact, none of those excuses mattered because I was at the tipping point of something called nervous exhaustion.

Experiencing complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion transformed my excuses and cured my self-doubt.

You see, I am a tightly coiled person. I naturally think strategically and this has served me well throughout my life especially in business. But I’m not all business. I love art, reading, playing, snorkeling, business, God, finances, systems, homemaking, vlogging, motherhood, traveling, goal setting and being a woman.

I also really love documenting my life, more than that I love reflecting on my progress in life, and equal to that I really enjoy giving advice to others. So this lifestyle blog is a place for me to do all those things because 1. it never seemed to fit anywhere else 2. I’ve wanted a lifestyle blog for fourteen years.

My dream started with an episode of Sex in the City.

Aiden and Carrie had just moved in together and gotten into a fight over nothing. Carrie fled to a coffee shop to write. I remember watching that episode and thinking “I want to go to a coffee shop to write when my boyfriend and I get in an argument! It’s productive, cathartic, and oh so chic!

From that day forward I drooled over mommy bloggers thinking that because I was a young mom, my blog should center or the tells of being a mother. The trouble with this type of blog is my son was an angel so raising him didn’t give me much to rant about.

Next, I tried to blog about my hair because I styled hair and I actually wore 17 different hairstyles throughout my college years. This blog failed because hair was never that interesting to me.

Then I tried the Seinfeld method and started a blog about nothing. Fail. Next, I tried to blog about my love of books. Fail. Last but certainly not least I tried blogging about business but the content never seemed to fit with my intent to speak professionally and live happily.

It wasn’t until my experience with nervous exhaustion. That I realized 1. I completely adore reading 2. Maybe I should just write about what I’d love to read.

Somewhere in this lifestyle blog journey, I hope to inspire you to live life happy and archive stories for myself, my kiddos, and my kiddos’s kiddos.

I’m honored that you are here.

Happy reading!



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