Zero Balance.

|| #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt

I always have a running balance on my bills and accounts. And by always I mean always. I literally never pay a bill to a zero balance.

Although my phone and utility bills are set up on a electronic payment. I have pre-selected the amount that is transferred as oppose to allowing the utility company to withdrawal the full account balance per month (see my last post for the reason why). Inevitably when this happens I end up with a few remaining dollars on my statements every month.

These balances are then carried over and I get charged an additional late fee. The late fee is typically under $10 but nevertheless the late fee is still added. This has been happening ever single month for as long as I’ve been paying bills.

When I looked back on all my bills from January – May I’ve paid a total of $147.32 in late fees between my utility bills, business invoices, and student loan interest. I know that’s not a lot of money but given that I pay upwards of $4.50 on a $9.00 balance I am wasting money hand over fist.

So for the month of May and my ten remaining months in the #NoMoreStudentLoanDebt challenge I will pay EVERY single bill in-full each month as it arrive.

In April, I experienced a ton of changes in my life most good and some difficult. I am still rocking this challenge and many others because I have a very clear vision of my future annnnnnnd I’m not afraid to clean up the small stuff so I can handle the big stuff. 😝

What say yea, can you try to bring all your bills to a ZERO balance this month?


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